4 Reasons to Hire a Pro Caterer for a Graduation Open House

Do you have a loved one who’s graduating from school this spring? If so, congratulations. It might be high school, with college on the horizon. Or it might be a university graduation, reflecting several long years of hard work and academic rigor. Either way, it’s something to be commemorated.

But should you hire a professional caterer for the open house, or try to do it yourself? There are plenty of arguments on both sides, but we think there’s a lot to be said for turning to the pros. Here are four reasons to hire a pro caterer for a graduation open house.

1. It takes the pressure off

The amount of pressure people feel when planning an important life event like a graduation party is well documented, and if you’ve ever been through it yourself, you know it to be true! One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing the food and drink aspect of your party to a professional is the amount of pressure it lifts off your shoulders. Suddenly you have a lot more time to focus on other aspects of planning, and the graduation party can be a lot more “well-rounded” as a result.

2. It lets you enjoy the party

When the big day final comes, would you rather be running around the kitchen, putting out proverbial fires, and dealing with the stress of trying to keep it all together? Or would you rather be able to relax, mingle, enjoy the party, and fully take part in commemorating your loved one’s graduation? Hiring a professional caterer gives you much more freedom to enjoy the party, plain and simple.

3. The service will be better

Of course, if you and your friends/neighbors work together in the kitchen, it’s certainly possible that the food and drink at the graduation party will be very good, and people will really enjoy it. But statistically speaking, a professional caterer is going to be able to delivery a better quality result. That’s because they’ve invested in the equipment and training to be able to service events just like this. It’s also because they’ve racked up a lot of experience, and they’ve developed a reliable methodology for success.

4. It might actually be cheaper

When you think about all the time and stress that goes into preparing the food for your loved one’s open house, it really does add up. First you have to think about the menu and what you’re going to serve. Then you have to think about whether or not you have all the necessary equipment and utensils. Even when these details are all in place, you’ll probably spend time wondering whether you made the right decisions, whether the food will come out right, and whether your guests will enjoy the party. All of this is before we even start talking about the actual cost of the food and drink. If you add it all up, hiring an efficient and professional caterer can actually be cheaper in a lot cases.

A reputable and experienced caterer

It’s important to note that not all caterers are equally skilled or experienced. Your research to find the best caterer in your area should take several important things into account, including the company’s experience, training, size, and reputation on popular online review channels. Whichever route you choose to go, good luck planning your party!