4 Reasons Not to Hire That Catering Company

There are a lot of good reasons to hire a catering company for a special event. They help you design a menu and a theme. They know how to manage things based on how many people will be there, and what venue you’re using. Ideally, you’ll be able to leave most of the details to them, and simply give oversight when necessary. The day of the event will arrive and everything will run smoothly, from setup and preparation to serving and cleanup.

Yet there are so many cases in which this isn’t how things happen. Problems and roadblocks seems to appear at every turn, and by the time the event has come and gone, you can’t even count the number of frustrating things that have gone wrong.

In cases like this, the main issue might be the catering company you’ve hired. Choosing wisely will set your event up for success, while rushing the process can land you a disreputable or lazy caterer. If you’re on the fence, here are 4 reasons not to hire that caterer you’ve been talking to.

1. They haven’t done very many events

Experience is an important asset for any professional catering company – without it, you just haven’t seen how catered events work in the real world. There may be any number of unexpected surprises – and experience is the “x-factor” that helps catering companies deal with them. It also gives them a sharper sense of what makes clients happy.

2. You don’t know who they’re sending to your party

The people who will actually be preparing and serving food at your event – are they highly trained? Are they experienced? If there are new people without much experience, will they be properly supervised by someone who is? These are relevant questions because the integrity of your event is at stake!

3. They don’t seem interested in winning your business

Some catering companies simply don’t communicate will. They give the impression that you’re just another potential customer looking for a caterer – they don’t go out of their way at all to make you feel like your business is valued or desired. These companies usually produce results that are equally lackluster. It’s always better to find a dynamic, positive, engaging caterer who takes an interest in your event.

4. Prices are suspiciously low

Everyone likes a bargain, and there’s nothing wrong with a competitive price. In fact, lower prices can free up your budget for other menu items, or extra services like live music or bartending.

How prepared is your caterer?

Putting your event in the hands of a catering company can be a little scary at first. The key is to find a company that looks and feels trustworthy from the bottom up, based on client reviews, experience, expertise, and communication skills. You’ll also do well to focus on caterers who have physical offices and suitable, modern equipment. The more you ask yourself “how prepared is this caterer” before you hire them, the better prepared you will be when the day of your event finally comes.