3 Reasons Why January is Great for a Winter Party

How did you ring in the New Year? Was it a loud party with party hats and champagne? Was it a quiet night at home, staying out of the cold? Either way, the New Year is a great opportunity for new beginnings. But why lose that feeling just because the first of the month has passed? The entire month of January is cause for celebration and starting a new year.

With the holiday celebrations over, people are getting back to “ordinary” life. But this might be just the time for a pick-me-up. It’s especially true that in places where winters are long (e.g. New Jersey), people think of January and February as two of the longest months — when the weather is often the coldest, the holidays are over, and springtime seems far away.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. January is a great month to organize a catered party for your friends or colleagues, and here are three reasons why.

1. You can often get discounts

The fact of the matter is, catering companies are often less busy this time of year, depending on your locality and climate. In places with cold winters, it’s often possible to get discounts on catered events during January. Think about it: There were a lot of catered events in November and December, but in January, the three main holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s) are over. Caterers still have to keep their businesses running, so they’re often willing to do jobs at a discount.

2. It’s cold outside

Even if you live in Southern California, winter nights can get chilly. And if you’re living through a real winter, you know how valuable it can be to get together with friends and family — or coworkers — and enjoy a catered party indoors. It’s a great way to break up the monotony of routine, and give you something different to look forward to.

3. All the caterers will be booked in April

If you’re planning a catered event for the spring and summer, you’re hopefully planning by now. Caterers have schedules that tend to fill up fast during the spring, summer and fall months. More often than not, you won’t be able to get your caterer of choice if you wait too long. You might have to settle for a caterer who doesn’t even have the skills or equipment needed to get the job done right. And if that’s the case, why even bother?

The point is, if you are thinking of a nice outdoor event instead of an indoor event this January, you’d better get planning. Caterers book fast!

How to find a great caterer in your area

If you’re a skilled online researcher and shopper, you should have no problem finding caterers in your area who are more than willing to take your business. But you need to find a caterer who is going to earn your business through solid communication and a glowing reputation in the community. That’s the only way you can be sure your event will come off better than planned.