3 Great Catering Ideas for Spring

Can you remember the last catered event you attended during the spring? The reality is, it’s a wonderful season for many reasons – including all of the different celebrations and gatherings that are going on. There are a lot of weddings and graduation parties. There are also corporate events and personal get-togethers “just because.” Chances are, the last springtime catered event you attended was not so long ago. You may even remember whether the food was excellent or less than great – or whether the service was good.

But when it’s your event that needs a professional caterer, it feels completely different. Everyone who has planned a catered event for a group of has been through it. Decisions seem to carry a lot of weight. After all, what if you hire the wrong caterer? Or what if you decide on the wrong menu options? You want your event to be a success, and to be remember fondly by your guests – but if the catering isn’t done right, it can be very difficult to leave a positive impression.

That’s exactly why finding the right caterer, and deciding on the right menu, can seem like such a stressful experience for so many people. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be. When your caterer is operating on a high professional level, they’ve done some of this legwork for you. They’ve delivered results at hundreds of events. Many of those events might be a lot like yours. It’s never a bad thing to know that your caterer is experienced, and has been through this situation before.

Your caterer might even be able to provide valuable advice, such as specific ideas for your springtime event. For example, here are three catering ideas for spring:

1. Lots of fresh seasonal produce

Spring is a celebration of new life, and there’s no better time to include lots of fresh seasonal produce in your menu. A good caterer will have plenty of seasonal options, and will give you solid advice on what people have liked (and perhaps what they haven’t liked) in the past.

2. Fresh fish and chicken

Spring is a great time for healthy, lean protein. The winter chill isn’t all gone quite yet, and people need substantial sustenance. At the same time, it’s time to move on from the hearty stews and carb-heavy dishes of winter. Fresh chicken and fish are always crowd pleasures – provided the meat is excellent quality, and prepared to perfection.

3. Hire a DJ and/or bartender

Not all catering ideas have to do with the food! Your caterer might be able to provide DJ and/or bartender services as well, to round out your event and turn it into a proper celebration.

A caterer you can trust

Good catering is all about trust – you’re trusting your important event to a professional, and you expect a professional result. That’s only possible when your caterer is both skilled and qualified, and has built a positive reputation in the community, backed by customer testimonials and word-of-mouth advertising.